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Absolute Soothing Serum


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The Absolute Soothing Serum is the essential of the sensitive and reactive skins. It calms down the skin and soothes immediately with long term results.

Calm and softened skin.

Red patches are eased and the skin maintains its beauty.

Content : 30ml

Main Ingredients:

MatiSpheres S (sucroesters) & C (cationiques) : Multi-layered microcapsules at progressive liberation of active ingredients.

  • Matisphère C acts immediately on the surface of the skin for a healing and anti-inflammatory action via various ingredients (Calendula, Hypercium, Mayweed, Soy lecithin…)
  • Matisphère S acts durably in depth to desensitise and act at the heart of the inflammation thanks to a cocktail of active ingredients (Cornflower, Chamomile, Lime tree, vitamin E).

Root of Kudzu : Rich in flavonoids, this plant from the Far East possess soothing properties. It acts in the heart of mechanisms involved in the appearance of the external demonstrations of the cutaneous irritation (discomforts, red patches).

Biotechnological compound : It possesses soothing and moisturising actions and helps to decrease the cutaneous sensitivity.

Squalane Plant : Stemming from the transformation of olive oil, this asset helps restore the lipid barrier of the skin and warns off dehydration.


Take 2 pressures in the hollow of your hand.

Delicately massage the whole face and neck from the centre outwards.

Then apply the dedicated eye contour and cream of care on the whole face and of the neck.

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