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SensiBiotic Peel


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The Sensibiotic-Peel brings a 100% enzymatic exfoliation.

A delicate cream but effective for a gentle exfoliation.

Soothing, relaxing, anti-inflammatory, calming and destressing virtues.

Cell renewal is stimulated. The skin is soft and radiant.

Gently eliminates dead skin cells and impurities. The skin texture is improved.

Content : 50ml

Main Ingredients:

Saffron Flower Petals : The petals of Saffron Flower will provide a real feeling of comfort to the skin by controlling and reducing inflammatory reactions. The petals also have anti-stress properties that engender a better receptivity of skin.

Enzymatic active ingredient : This enzyme obtained by biotechnology has soft exfoliating properties to eliminate dead skin cells.

Linden Floral Water : Used as an infusion for its soothing and calming virtues, Linden Floral Water will give radiance to the complexion. Its virtues will soothe, relieve itching and any feeling of tightness.

Essential Orange Blossom Wax : Refreshing, toning, moisturising and soothing properties. Orange blossom is also renowned as the anti stress flower.


Applied once/twice a week on the whole face, neck, eye contour and lips.

Leave it on for 5 minutes, then rinse off with water.

Perfect the withdrawal by using the SensiDemak Mist.

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