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Night Avantage


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Night AvantAge is a compensatory night care taking advantage of the sleep to help the skin to recover.

It stimulate the cutaneous natural defenses and help to fight against the signs of fatigue.

The cashmere pyjamas for your skin to recover from sleepless nights.

Allows the skin "to recover" short nights sleep or sleepless nights, as little as 2 hours of sleep can be benefitted.

Fight the first signs of ageing.

Boost the necessary cell renewal during night.

Content : 50ml

Main Ingredients:

CHRONOSKIN COMPLEX (Extract of the plant Albizia julibrissin or Silk Tree + Chrono-peptide) :

  1. Action on the signs of fatigue by repairing and by protecting the skin of the damage caused by the glycation.
  2. Action on the regeneration and the cell renewal following the circadian rhythm (biorhythm of a duration of approximately 24 hours) and by stimulating the circadian circle.


Take 1 hazelnut in the hollow of your hand.
Massage delicately in the whole face and the neck from the centre outwards.
Apply Night AvantAge after your eye contour and serum of care on the whole face and the neck.

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