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Shine Control Purifying Care


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Shine Control Purifying Care is a regulating face gel cream, with a strengthened anti-shine effect.

Skin is incredibly velvety, visibly and durably mattified.

Thirst-quenched dehydrated areas.

Sebum production is under-control.

Reveals a fresh and radiant complexion

Content: 50 ml

Main Ingredients:

Matisebo System : (Combination of specific acids associated with an African tree extract, Enantia Chlorantha). Regulatory action of sebum secretion.

Soft AHA’s : (Malic acid grafted to oat protein) An action performed on the epidermis’ superficial layers for an effective, very soft and targeted exfoliation.

Absorbing Micro-Powders : Perfectly round and smooth polymer micro-particles provide a remarkably soft and powdered feeling. The combination of hollow and solid microspheres makes it possible to ensure a high anti-gloss power by physical effect (absorption of excess sebum) and by optical effect light scattering). It absorbs excess sebum, maintains a mattifying effect, promotes intense softness and leaves a soft powdered effect allowing the skin to breathe.


Take 1 hazelnut in the hollow of your hand.
Delicately massage the whole face and neck from the centre outwards.

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