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Parents' Day Package 1 - Hyaluronic Performance Set

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Package 1 — Parents' Day Promotion Set

  • Hyaluronic Performance (50ml) - NP: RM 450
  • Hyaluronic Performance Mask (50ml) - NP: RM 319
  • FREE: Clarifying Care (10ml) - NP: RM 299

TOTAL WORTH : RM 1068.00


Hyaluronic Performance (50ml)

24-hour scientifically proved continuous hydration and 3D replumping action.

A deliciously light and creamy emulsion captures the high performance of hyaluronic acid. Its formula acts on the skin like continuous micro-injections of hyaluronic acid combining three actions: intense hydration, plumping and smoothing.


HYALURONIC ACID : intense hydration action.

MATISYTEM H3T2: Matis specific technical combination of Hyaluronic Acid targeted by coupling and encapsulation. It provides a film effect to the skin.


Apply morning and evening all over the face and neck for the best plumping effect.

Hyaluronic Performance Mask (50ml)

The Hyaluronic Performance Mask gets immediately a real sensation of freshness and hydration.

At the heart of the formula, we find the hyaluronic acid with an intense* moisturizing action and a smoothing action.

  • Skin hydrated from the first use.
  • Reduced lines and wrinkles.
  • A sensation of intense freshness, the skin is recharged in depth.

Main Ingredients:

Hyaluronic Acid, intense moisture action :
- Film surface action : SMOOTHING EFFECT
- Coupling vectorization : INTENSE MOISTURIZING EFFECT Penetration of average skin layers. Increases cellular and epidermal renewal. Endogenous synthesis of hyaluronic acid already present in the organism.


On the face and the neck perfectly cleaned, apply the gel mask in average layer.
Let apply 15 minutes by avoiding the eye contour, then rinse.
To use twice a week for a real treatment at home.

Clarifying Care (10ml)

The Clarifying Care is a localized care which targets all the pigmentary imperfections, regardless of their origin and their size, to aim for a more beautiful skin.

A global action on the aspect of spots

The intensity and the size of the brown spots are decreased.
Embellished and unified skin.

3 powerful synergistic actions

  • Accelerate the process of depigmentation
  • Control the production of melanin
  • Slow down the appearance of new spots

Main Ingredients:

Grafted Glycolic Acid : Exfoliates smoothly to eliminate the on-surface melanin. Stimulated cellular regeneration, unified complexion.

Nanocitrus Liposomes : Citroflavonoïdes that we find in the bark of citrus fruits.
We find them concentrated into liposomes. Rich in active molecules, citroflavonoïdes contribute to slow down the melanogenesis, responsible for the appearance of the brown spots and prevent their appearance.

Stabilized Vit C with a glucose : Allows to unify the complexion by reducing the number of melanin pigments content into the skin.
It clears up the already present melanin by inhibition of the tyrosinase.

A roll'on for express application

A fluid and light texture, adapted to the targeted action for a fast penetration.
Apply locally to the spots of the face, the neck, the decollete or ontop of the hands. In the morning and evening.
Use on a cleaned skin and before the daily care.

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