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Parents' Day Package 2 - Délicate Set

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Package 2 — Parents' Day Promotion Set

  • Night Care Mask (50ml) - NP: RM 399
  • SOS Nutrition (50ml) - NP: RM 319
  • FREE: Sensimelting Mask (50ml) - NP: RM 228



Night Care Mask (50ml)

The Night Care Mask brings a continuous and intense answer throughout the night of relaxation and comfort of the skin.

Ideal for under stress skins, the association of the selected assets will act throughout the night, the most convenient period to recover.

A skin transformed upon awakening

  • Night action in two phases
  • Relaxation: During the hours of sleep our cells find themselves in a state of intense relaxation, to allow the perfect environment to repair.
  • Comfort: The calmed skin becomes more susceptible to receive the soothing elements which are needed.


Plant butter of Wild Mango : Botanical Butter extracted from the fruit of the exotic tree Irvingia Gabonensis, has nourishing properties.
Thanks to its filmogenic effect, and its moisturising action, it contributes to protect and to repair damaged skin.

CalmSphères (Acid Glycyrrhetinic) : Allows the progressive liberation by vectorisation on the surface of the skin. So bring a deep answer in the problems of sensibility.

" Hydra-Soft " Polysaccharide (molecular compound specific for sensitive skins) : Contains properties of immediate and gradual hydration thanks to a filmogenic effect, strengthened by a " water capture " effect.


Take 1 hazelnut in the hollow of your hand.
Apply on the whole face and of the neck from the centre outwards.
Acts all night long used instead of a night cream and removed in the morning continuing with your usual routine.

SOS Nutrition (50ml)

A veil of comfort on the skin. The SOS Nutrition is SOS emergency care for dry and sensitive skin. Ideal for those looking for extra comfort provides a real suppleness to the skin. Its creamy texture and active ingredients nourish the skin and reduce the feeling of tightness.

Main Ingredients:

  • ILLIPE BUTTER : from the fruit of Shorea stenoptera, this butter is an emollient known for its moisturizing and nourishing properties.
  • SHEA BUTTER : rich in triglycerides, vitamins and unsaponifiables, it has regenerating and softening properties.
  • WILD MANGO BUTTER : derived from the Irvingia gabonensis tree, it has a nourishing and soothing action.
  • KUDZU VINE EXTRACT : rich in flavonoids, this plant from the Far East has soothing properties. It acts on the mechanisms involved in the external manifestations of skin irritation (discomfort, redness).
  • SQUALANE PLANT : derived from the transformation of olive oil, its active ingredient helps to restore the lipid barrier of the skin and prevents dehydration.


Use as a fine spray mist on the whole face and neck, or with cotton pads after the SensiDemak Cream or SensiMilk Toner.

Sensimelting Mask (50ml)

The SensiMelting Mask is an immediate and intense soothing solution dedicated to the most sensitive and reactive skins. Hydrates, relaxes and refreshes. The skin regains comfort and suppleness in record time.

Main Ingredients:

  • CalmSphères (Acid Glycyrrhetinic) : allows the progressive liberation by vectorisation on the surface of the skin. So bring a deep answer in the problems of sensitivity.
  • Saffron Flower Petals : The petals of Saffron Flower will provide a real feeling of comfort to the skin by controlling and reducing inflammatory reactions. The petals also have anti-stress properties that engender a better receptivity of skin.
  • Linden Floral Water : Used as an infusion for its soothing and calming virtues, Linden Floral Water will give radiance to the complexion. Its virtues will soothe, relieve itching and any feeling of tightness.
  • Essential Orange Blossom Wax : Refreshing, toning, moisturising and soothing properties. Orange blossom is also renowned as the anti stress flower.


Take 1 generous hazelnut in the hollow of your hand.
Apply on the whole face and of the neck during 10 minutes.
Rinse with the SensiDemak Mist.

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