Réponse Corrective

Lip Control


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Inspired by aesthetic performance, Matis has invented an exclusive, exceptional multi-correction formula, for a natural result :

  • Lip volume
  • Super hydrating
  • Well-defined lip contour
  • Filling of lines along the grooves of the lips
  • Continuous nutrition

From the first application, lips regain their sweet, supple appearance.

Content : 10ml

Main Ingredients:


  • Stimulation of collagen synthesis by fibroblasts Re-densifying the dermis - volumising effect on the lips.
  • Stimulate glycosaminoglycan (GAG) synthesis The function of GAGs is to retain water in tissue, maintaining its volume
  • 3D MORPHOLIP is a correcting and restructuring agent for lips, which acts by re-densifying connective tissue.

HYDRASPHERES : Hyaluronic acid filling technologypenetrates through grooves and trap water in the surface layers, forming 'mini-reservoirs' to an optimal hydration and a smoothing effect of the skin's surface.

WHITE BEEWAX : Its high vitamin A content means that it has hydrating and protective qualities. Beewax forms a waterproof film on the skin that protects it from external harm and drying out and is particularly effective at softening, smoothing, and hydrating skin.


During the day: as often as desired. When applied under your normal lipstick, it protects and softens lips. Applied above lipstick, it offers a sublime gloss effect that heightens the sensuality of your smile.

Overnight: like a beauty mask for your lips. Apply on the lips by slightly passing the outline of the lips.

The individual nozzle is adapted to the shape of the lips, allowing for easy and uniform application - apply the treatment by massaging in order to activate micro-circulation, loosen lines, and stimulate collagen production by boosting cellular exchanges using rotating motions.

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