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The Sensi-Demak Mist is formulated without alcohol and provides a delightful sensation of relaxation, while perfecting the cleansing.

Fresh, softened and radiant skin.

Its formula takes care of the most sensitive skins by soothing and calming them.

Micro-inflammations and redness are visibly reduced.

Content: 200ml

Main Ingredients:

Saffron Flower Petals : The petals of Saffron Flower will provide a real feeling of comfort to the skin by controlling and reducing inflammatory reactions. The petals also have anti stress properties that engender a better receptivity of skin.

Linden Floral Water : Used as an infusion for its soothing and calming virtues, Linden Floral Water will give radiance to the complexion. Its virtues will soothe, relieve itching and any feelings of tightness.


Use as a fine spray mist on the whole face and neck, or with cotton pads after the SensiDemak Cream or SensiMilk Toner.

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