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Anti-wrinkle and radiance booster, 7-day treatment

Spheres of pure Vitamin C 79%

  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Revives the radiance of the complexion

7 beads of anhydrous vitamin C combine with an activating serum that instantly rehydrate them and potentiates their skin assimilation. With this product, Matis offers a new gesture that preserves all the qualities of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a fragile molecule that oxidizes in air and light, losing its properties within hours.

It is offered here in a specific and innovative form, pure and fresh with each use. The skin is more supple, with wrinkles reduced and radiance revived.

The light texture melts on the skin and penetrates quickly. Intended for women of all ages with dull and tired skin.

Dermatologically tested.

Content: Two vials of 7 x 50mg and 5ml

Main Ingredients:

Pure Vitamin C 79% : The spheres are made of pure Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant with multiple properties:

  • Stimulates the synthesis of collagen: smoothes and reduces the depth of fine lines and wrinkles, increases elasticity
  • Stimulates cell metabolism: increases firmness and cell renewal rate
  • Inhibits tyrosinase: blocks melanin synthesis, reduces pigment spots, evens skin tone and improves radiance
  • Neutralizes free radicals: prevents the formation of new free radicals

Lactic acid : The activating serum, composed of lactic acid, rehydrates the Vitamin C spheres and lowers the pH of the preparation. Having a very good affinity with the skin, it also promotes good hydration and the elimination of dead cells.

Advice for Use:

Use for seven days in the evening after removing makeup and cleansing the skin.

Place one drop of Vitamin C in the hands, add two pipettes of activating liquid and mix by closing the hands one over the other until a smooth, even texture is formed. Apply the hands over the face and neck.

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