Réponse Intensive

Intensive Resourcing Cream


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Intensive Resourcing Cream fortifies and nourishes the skin with calcium and essential nutrients, to restore equillibrium.

Restructured and nourished skin.

Filled age-related deficiencies.

Comfortable and supple skin.

Content : 50ml

Main Ingredients:

Nutritium : This complex uses extract of black pearl of Tahiti particularly rich in calcium, copper, magnesium and zinc.
It recharges the skin in minerals and trace elements. It promotes the epidermis ionic balance and restoration and restores the cells vital functions.

Actilip : This complex combines unsaponifiable Sunflower, Inca Inchi oil (rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9) and essential Jasmine wax.
It helps to replenish the epidermis, improves its barrier function and restores comfort and suppleness.


Take a hazelnut in the palm of your hand in the morning/evening.

Delicately massage the whole face and neck from the centre outwards.

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