Réponse Jeunesse

AvantAge Jeunesse Normal To Combination


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AvantAge Jeunesse Creams bring a triple anti-ageing prevention thanks to two complexes of innovative assets.

Skin protected from the cellular stress, from the oxidation and from the glycation (main factors in the signs of the skin aging).

Perfectly plump, healthy-looking skin and the signs of the age are pushed away.

Content : 50ml

Main Ingredients:

Longevity Complex (rice + vine stems): Stimulates sirtuin proteins which promote longevity.
(In vitro tests the complex proved that it allows the activation of the synthesis of proteins of longevity. These proteins allow a control of the cellular activity and so favour the longevity of cells).
Reduction of the overload of activity, decrease of the cellular stress, reducing of the number of cellular dysfunctions.

Protective Complex (association of peptides): Limit the glycation and the oxidation.
The reaction of glycation affects proteins such as the collagen and the elastin.
This phenomenon participates so strongly in the progressive loss of elasticity and tonic effect of the skin.
The oxidation is a very wide-spread reaction in the body at the end of which are produced the free radicals.

Butter of Illipé : Moisturising and emollient properties.


Take 1 hazelnut in the hollow of your hand.
Massage delicately in the whole face and the neck from the centre outwards.

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