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Fundamental Toning Serum


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The Fundamental Toning Serum smooths the lines of the face, helps tone the skin and improves its tonic effect.

This light texture penetrates very quickly.

Smooth the lines in the morning in and shades off signs of fatigue.

Help to tighten and improves the tonic effect of the skin.

Skin protected longer from the skin aging.

Content : 30ml

Main Ingredients:

Extract of Cranberry : Rich in polyphenols, it contains a big quantity of flavonoids which bring anti-oxidant properties.
Helps the skin to protect its youth capital.

Renewal exfoliating ingredient : stabilised Papain
Allows a soft and not irritating exfoliation thanks to a targeted action at the superficial layers of the skin.

Tensor Agents : An optimised cosmetic face-lift result. A biopolymer of sweet almond combines with fractions of sugars derived from oat which smooths and helps to tighten the skin.


Take 2 pressures in the hollow of your hand.
Massage delicately in the whole face and neck from the centre outwards.
Apply then your eye contour and cream of care on the whole face and the neck.

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