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Reponse Jeunesse Set - CNY Promo

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Reponse Jeunesse Set - CNY Promotion Set

Instant Mood (15ml)

Instant Mood is a unique box of 3 custom masks to target different needs within the skin.

The 3 expert formulas act simultaneously to cover the needs of each face area : dry and dehydrated areas, combination to oily areas and areas of imperfections.

Hydra Mask - Hydra Mood : An immediate sensation of hydration and comfort.

Smoothing Mask - Age Mood : Smooths and reduces irregularities and imperfections.

Detox Mask - City Mood : Removes all skin impurities for an immediate radiance.

Youth Grain (50ml)

Youth Grain is an exfoliating scrub which smooths the skin thanks to a double exfoliating action: mechanical and enzymatic.

Refined skin texture and stimulated cell renewal.

The complexion is brighter.

Essential Cleansing Foam (150ml)

The Essential Cleansing Foam is a cloud of sweetness to clean perfectly the skin, while leaving it fresh and supple.

Skin gently cleaned from the impurities and the sebum accumulated during the day.

A formula which takes care of dehydrated skins by limiting the aggression of the limestone.


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