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Clay Mask


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Clay Mask is formulated with a gentle yellow clay to help control excess sebum and clear without drying the skin.

Purifies and soothes.

Luminous, fresh and soft skin.

Tightened pores.

Content : 50 ml

Main Ingredients:

Matisebo System : (Combination of specific acids associated with an African tree extract, Enantia Chlorantha). Regulatory action of sebum secretion.

Yellow Clay : Absorbs excess sebum and tightens pores. Purifying and sebo-regulating action. Soothing action (less rich in iron oxide than green clay, yellow clay is softer for the skin and hydrating).
Stimulating action because of its richness in mineral content, it will brighten and illuminate the skin.


Apply an even layer on the entire face and neck, avoiding the eye contour, once to twice a week.

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