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Pure Lotion


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Pure Lotion deposits an astringent and soothing mist to perfect skin cleansing and prepares it for the daily care application.

Removes residual make-up, sebum and impurity traces which can remain after the first initial cleanse.

Dead cells, over the surface, are delicately removed while respecting the skins ph balance.

Content: 200ml

Main Ingredients:

Soothing Phyto-Complex : Contains extracts of:

  • Pellitory : Moisturising and regenerating
  • Red bean : Restructuring
  • Ivy : Astringent and softening
  • Sunflower : Anti-free radicals
  • Marinacids : Mostly Marine’s AHA, astringent and mattifying properties. The skin is clean and clear.


Use in spritz motions over the whole face and neck, or by using cotton pads, after the Purifying Gel.
During anytime of the day, used to mattify and fix make-up.

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