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SOS Paste


SKU: 36540

SOS Paste is a localised treatment used to specifically control imperfections. Covers a specific area to kill bacteria present and dries out unwanted blemishes.

Absorbs excess sebum, exfoliated and dried out imperfections.

Visibly blurred and reduced pimples.

Anti-bacterial - kills bacteria present.

Content: 20 ml

Main Ingredients:

Starch derivatives : Absorbs sebum excess.

Salicylic Acid : Keratolytic action, it refines the horny layer of the skin and allows the skin to eliminate excess sebum.
A warrior against the bacteria responsible for acne and blemishes, but also possess an anti-inflammatory action of microbes on skin’s the surface to reduce redness and swelling that comes with a breakout.


Apply locally, each day on perfectly clean skin, on the imperfection to treat until pimple reduces/disappears.

Morning : Leave it on for 10 minutes and remove as a second skin in the morning.

Evening : Leave it overnight and remove as a second skin in the morning.

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