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Eye Contour Lift Care


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The Eye Contour Lift Care tones the eye contour and smoothes the wrinkles. A real cosmetic lifting effect for a younger look.

Tones the eyes area.

Smoothes wrinkles and fine lines of the eye contour.

The upper eyelids look lifted.

Content: 15ml

Main Ingredients:

Water of Matcha Tea : Anti-stress and anti-oxidant properties.

Sr2O : 3D compound tensor active ingredient from natural polyoses derived from oats.
It is used for its excellent tensor properties, and is capable of perfectly adhering to skins microrelief to form a durable strong bond.
It forms a lift'up, cohesive and continuous film.

Alguolift : Marine origin complex made of enriched sea water and oligoalginate for 2 different actions :

  • A tensor effect, thanks to an enriched sea water, obtained by a micro-algae to stimulate the polymerisation of actile contractile fibers located in the collagen fibers.
  • A vector and protecting effect, thanks to the oligoalginate : a polysaccharide produced by an algal membrane to act as a protective film, and to allow the enriched sea water diffusion in the deeper layers of the skin.


Take 1 pressure into fingertips morning and evening.

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