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Recomfort Eyes


SKU: A0110031

This mask has a creamy texture, providing comfort to the eye contour. It nourishes and hydrates the eye contours intensely.

It also works well on the lips, leaving the skin supple and comfortable.

This product is distinctive thanks to its sensory touch and its ability to be applied to the eyes and lips, immediately enveloping them in a deep, gentle cocoon.

It is perfect for women aged 25-55 years.

Content: 20ml

Main Ingredients:

Marine elastin improves skin’s flexibility.
Helps stimulating the metabolism of skin cells, thereby improving hydration and strengthening its elasticity.

Nourishing wax with softening properties helps to hydrate, enrich and protect the epidermis around the eyes and lips. Skin is comforted.

Matcha tea infusion obtained by steam distillation of matcha tea to maintain the integrity of the eye contour and provide instant freshness and relaxation. Matcha tea has a high L-theanine content and very well-known anti-stress properties.

AlguoLift is made of enriched seawater and an energizing molecule that comes from microalgae adapted to the stress of the Arctic.
By forming an invisible film, it tones the skin of the eye contour. It also helps fight against the formation of lines and saggy puffiness, boosting the firmness of the eye contour.


Apply once or twice a week in a thin layer for a nourishing effect on the eye contour. Leave on for 15 minutes.

Applied in a thick layer at night, it acts as a restorative bath.

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