Réponse Teint

Radiance Serum


SKU: 36595

A light texture skin tone corrector serum which unifies complexion and helps to diminish the pigment defects like age or sun spots and imperfection marks. The skin quality is improved.

Content : 30ml

Main Ingredients:

CHROMOSKIN COMPLEX : This complex will take action on the three visible chromospheres of the skin.

Purple Orchid Extract : Used for its emollient and soothing properties as well as protective (anti-oxidant polyphenols).
Maintains a supple skin and helps to soften the features.
Its anti-oxidant action contributes to protect the capital youth of the skin.

Rose floral water : Floral water with smoothing, soothing and astringent properties.

Oil of Grape seed : Nourishing oil with regenerating and anti-oxidant virtues.
Help minimizing the appearance of imperfections and even out the skin complexion.


Apply morning and evening to perfectly cleansed face and neck before applying your cream. Avoid contact with eyes.

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