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Caviar The Mask

Remineralizing lacquer with CAVIAR

This face mask with CAVIAR is a complete skincare solution which will delight the senses. Its distinctive, opaque black texture allows the skin to fully absorb the exceptional active ingredients in the formula. Its unique formula combines all the power of French caviar, known for its natural richness in omega-3, proteins, minerals and vitamins with a firming active ingredient. The skin is left remineralized and glowing.

Key Benefits

  • Remineralizing action
  • Firming action

Key Active Ingredients

/ French caviar extract - French caviar extract boasts nourishing, hydrating and remineralizing properties thanks to its especially high content of proteins and amino acids. Its beneficial qualities help to protect skin structures from degradation, leaving skin more supple, elastic and flexible. It also helps fight free radicals and protect cellular structures and membranes from oxidative damages.

/ Spilanthes Acmella is an oily extract concentrated in the upper part of the plant. Its main action is to stimulate the biomechanical functions of the fibroblasts. The first visible results on skin are increased density and firmness.

Advice for use:

Apply to the face, neck and chest, once or twice a week on clean and dry skin. Rinse off with warm water. Then apply THE SERUM and THE CREAM.

Reponse Corrective Night-Reveal 10

Overnight corrective mask

Ultra-effective cosmetic superstar glycolic acid is combined with hyaluronic acid to replump the skin and reduce the wrinkles. The complexion is even and the wrinkles are less visible. Visible results from the very first morning: the night marks disappear and the skin appearance is improved.

Proven results
After the 1st night
95% In the morning, night marks disappear
100 % Skin appearance is better*
100 % Skin is smoothed*

Key benefits

  • New skin action
  • Anti wrinkle action

Key Active Ingredients

/ Glycolic acid - Well known for its exfoliating, moisturizing and even skin tone effects, glycolic acid is the smallest of the α-hydroxy acids (AHAs). Powerful, it eliminates dead cells, stimulates skin renewal, improves the texture and appearance of the skin, reduces wrinkles and pigment spots.

/ Hyaluronic acid is a glycosaminoglycan naturally present in the skin which provides a filling and hydration role. The HA present here is an average molecular weight HA of between 1000 and 1800 kDa for immediate plumping action.

Advice for use

Apply a fine layer before bed, leave on overnight and rinse off in the morning. Use two to three times a week

*Results expressed in % of satisfaction of 22 women after one single use.

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