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Exposed to an over-abundance of information when it comes to beauty, with access to the entire world, women in general and especially French women want it all. Effectiveness and respect for their skin. Naturality and high technology. Elegance and the latest advances. They don’t want to have to choose between a salon brand with proven know-how and a start-up offering environmentally friendly formulas. For these women, in 2019, Matis is bringing the two together.


1/ At the heart of the MATIS philosophy: the fusion of the modernity and the traditional

The ultimate Parisian brand, MATIS has been sharing its professional expertise for more than 80 years. MATIS has built its success on its art of French skincare, its unique personalized treatments and its salon experience.

At 71, Avenue Foch, in the 16th district of Paris, the MATIS teams develop tailor-made skincare products and protocols for a unique sensory experience. Always listening to women, MATIS offers a treatment for each... a ritual... a tailored solution.

The MATIS Center for Research & Development takes inspiration from the latest scientific advances in medicine, molecular and cellular biology to create specialized care. MATIS offers formulas adapted to every type of skin problem.

Each (name of the various lines) “Réponse” is therefore unique and personalized, extending and complementing the effectiveness of home skincare.

At MATIS, every protocol, technique and innovation is tested over long periods of time, because what has always been most important is results, satisfaction and the well-being of women, while respecting their individuality.

MATIS formulas are highly concentrated, offering fast results and emphasizing the most potent active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and AHAs.

Textures that give pleasure reflect French epicurean tradition. Combined with the beautician’s technique, they offer the most receptive treatment conditions, for visible, lasting results. Even without makeup, the skin is radiant, smoother and more resistant to signs of aging. 

Matis Malaysia - Beauty

2/ High-tech formulas that are greener and cleaner

Today, MATIS products systematically combine specialized active ingredients (hyaluronic acid, peptides, vitamin C, etc.) with new natural ingredients, such as anti-oxidant matcha tea plant water, hydrating booster Aloe Vera, regenerating white rose stem cells, soothing saffron flower, detoxifying tea tree, etc.

To remain at the cutting of cosmetic technology, going one step further towards naturalness and women’s expectations, the new MATIS formulation chart will exclude all the following components: parabens, cyclic silicones, phenoxyethanol, chlorphenesin, methylisothiazolinone, BHA/BHT, aluminum salts, phthalates, lyral, lilial, PEG/PPG, mineral oils, palm oils, gluten, wheat derivatives, soybean, SLS.

Even for its packaging, the brand has chosen to select the best materials for the preservation of its formulas, thus avoiding an excess of preservatives. Packagings are sourced as locally as possible in order to limit the carbon footprint.

This new charter will be applied to all new releases in 2020 and the entire products catalog will be progressively reformulated.

3/ A brand that is 100% made in France, with proven expertise

MATIS products are MADE IN FRANCE, near Paris, in the department of Val d’Oise. The production site is spread over 8000 m2 and gathers over fifty people. A high-performance logistics unit also ships to 70 countries worldwide.

The whole operation boasts an ISO 22716 certification (good manufacturing practices) guaranteeing the brand’s commitment to quality. The production chain is overseen and guaranteed made-in-France, from product design to arrival at the point of sale.

4/ A vision of expressive beauty, at once chic and natural

We’re talking about the famous “French Touch”, which captivates the entire world. This naturally chic woman, who charms almost in spite of herself, is comfortable with her beauty, her personality and her age.

A woman who takes care with her appearance, but who is also alive, vibrant, ultra-expressive, passionate, always moving, with that little «je ne sais quoi» that makes her irresistible. Because women are never as beautiful as when they feel good about their skin and their age, MATIS promotes a type of beauty that is expressive, natural, assumed and at ease with itself in motion.

Matis Beauty



In 2014, ST BEAUTE (M) SDN BHD was established in Malaysia to market and distribute the MATIS exclusive range of professional and skin care products.

MATIS is a brand that empowers women in their best and also for beauty industry owners to become a beauty expert.

Matis Paris has developed products in the response areas of: body, corrective, delicate, eye, men’s, oil, sun, time, vitality, whitening, and youth. With such focused products, you can be certain that your skin will be receiving the exact treatment it needs to flourish and blossom into its most glorious state of health!

Matis Facial Products

Matis Paris provides sophisticated formulas for optimal skin responses…every time. By following the advice of your skin care expert and using the outstanding skin care treatments from Matis Paris, you can expect remarkable improvement in your complexion and skin condition. Experience the elite treatments created by the seasoned French company that has been making women beautiful for over a quarter century… Matis Paris. Some of the most popular Matis skincare products include the matis deodorant and matis eye cream. Matis men products are also very sought after. For a good Matis Cream check out the Matis fundamental beautifying cream. With a presence in over 69 countries, having its own avant-grade laboratory, Matis has built a partnership with each of its clients founded on close communication and permanent innovation.

Matis’ visionary spirit, the strikingness of its formulas, the forward nature of its Center of Research and Development are essential components of the brand’s DNA. Matis possesses over 180 active formulas in a high-tech lab just outside of Paris.

Unique and efficient responses elaborated to extend and support the treatment efficiency at home. They respond to each skin type and need.

Matis has large and complete ranges offering to the consumer the brand’s expertise at home. With Matis, your skin will experience a UNIQUE beauty routine!