Réponse Delicate



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Wrinkle correction, reduces skin sensitivity.

  • Wrinkle filling action
  • Action to correct signs of aging
  • Soothing action
  • Hydrating action
  • Action to reduce skin sensitivity

This new correcting care is a genuine anti-aging beauty experience. It helps fill and smooth wrinkles while soothing the skin and improving its comfort.

Thanks to its high performance active ingredients, this care has 2 complementary actions: it restores the dermal matrix, reduces wrinkles and reinforces the skin tone.

Its enveloping texture provides instant comfort. Intended for women form the age of 40 with sensitive and reactive skin.

Dermatologically tested.

Content : 50ml

Main Ingredients:

Duo of hyaluronic acid : The hyaluronic acid of high molecular weight is known to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. It provides hydration to the epidermis of the most sensitive skins. The fractionated hyaluronic acid, due to its smaller size, penetrates deeper and plumps the skin from the inside.

Saffron flower : Naturally rich in flavonoids, this delicate flower is known for its medical, culinary and spiritual properties. Of French origin, it strengthens the skin barrier and NMF by stimulating the expression of profilaggrin and by protecting intercoreocyte lipids from oxidation.
It also helps to decrease the pro-inflammatory response and thus effectively reduce feelings of discomfort. Sensitive and delicate skins are soothed.

Matrixyl® : This powerful peptide stimulates the fibroblasts of the skin to reconstitute the extracellular matrix, and leads to the synthesis of collagen, fibronectin and glycosaminoglycans. By this action, this active ingredient corrects the aging process and fills medium and deep wrinkles.

Polyphenols from mint leaves : This soothing active ingredient inhibits the pro-inflammatory mediators release, limits the inflammatory cascade and stimulates the production of β-endorphins, providing soothing and well being to the skin.

Advice for use:

Apply morning and evening to the face and neck.

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