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Intensive Remodelling Care


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Intensive Remodeling Care, is a real dermal architect and skin care which acts on skin restructuration and dermal network consolidation.

Its daytime action fights against oxidation and maintains a "3D" effect on face volume.

Redefined and toned skin.

Remodels the face contours.

Fights against loss of elasticity.

Anti-oxidant action.

Content : 50ml

Main Ingredients:

Densiderm Complex™ (Dill & Soy) : Acts on the skin like an architect. This complex of natural active ingredients dedicated to mature skin improves firmness, tonicity and density.

Lipopeptide R : Amino Acids complex (glycine, glutamine, proline, arginine) forms a peptide to control cytokines (Interleukine6) responsible for ageing. It helps to offset the ageing effects on the skin, such as loss of firmness. It strengthens the skin structure and improves skin appearance.

SmartVector U.V.® : Encapsulated anti-oxidant and Vitamin C & E that will be gradually released throughout the day, with natural light ray influence for a continuous and permanent action.

Purified Oat Sugar Fractions : Creates a continous 3D elastic film to help tighten and smooth the skin.


Take one hazelnut in the palm of your hand in the morning.

Delicately massage the whole face and neck from the centre outwards.

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