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Anti-fatigue care, dark circles and bags

With our increasingly hectic lifestyles, stress and the daily use of mobile phones, nights are shorter and sleep is less restful. The degradation of the skin, linked to a lack of sleep, is equivalent to accelerated ageing. This anti-fatigue treatment revives the radiance of the eyes and fades the signs of fatigue.

Ideal for women who show several signs of fatigue: dark circles, puffiness.

At the heart of this new formula is a new complex of 6 active ingredients that act in synergy for visible and lasting results. Even after a short night, signs of fatigue are erased !

Content: 15 ml

Main Ingredients:

A powerful peptide reduces the accumulation of lipids under the eyes, reduces glycation activity and the production of toxins. The appearance of the eye area is visibly improved, dark circles and puffiness are reduced. The eyes appear more youthful and relaxed.

Matcha Tea Water :Thanks to its anti-oxidant properties, it relaxes the eye area. Rich in polyphenols, matcha creates a protective barrier against free radicals, which are partly responsible for premature skin ageing. Its draining action, allowing better circulation, helps to reduce bags under the eyes.

Caffeine, Known for its stimulating and energising properties, it helps to activate the microcirculation around the eye.

A tensing ingredient :Made from sweet almond proteins, it forms a film on the surface of the skin, smoothes and tightens the skin for an immediate anti-wrinkle effect.

Proven results :
35% Pockets(1)
18% Ring area(1)
100% Moisturized eye contour (2)
91% Decongested pockets(2)
91% Less visible dark circle colouring(2)
86% Smoothed out look(2)

Application Advice:

Apply morning and/or evening to the eye contour area, patting gently.

Tips: place the bottle in the refrigerator to help deflate the eye area.

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