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Sensiflora Serum


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Comforting serum for sensitive skin

This serum is now a concentrate of targeted active ingredients and is based on the microbiome: the skin's primary defence system. When the microbial flora is balanced, the skin's barrier function is intact, the skin is less attacked and regenerates better.

Thanks to its active ingredients, this serum has three actions: it rebalances the ecosystem, reduces skin sensitivity and brings comfort.

Dermatologically tested.

Content : 30ml

Main Ingredients :

High molecular weight hyaluronic acid : Known to retain up to 1000 times its weight in water, high molecular weight hyaluronic acid brings hydration to the most sensitive skin.

Prebiotic : Gluco-oligosaccharide obtained from natural sugars (sucrose and maltose), this prebiotic has a double action. It acts on the microbiological barrier to stimulate the growth of beneficial flora at the expense of undesirable flora. Thanks to its biological action, it stimulates the release of anti-microbial peptides by skin cells.
This high-performance active ingredient which stimulates the skin’s natural defenses, contributes to the balance and protection of the skin ecosystem.

Saffron flower : Naturally rich in flavonoids, this organic flower of French origin, strengthens the skin barrier, protects from inflammatory reactions, and reduces feelings of discomfort.

Polyphenols from mint leaves : This soothing active ingredient inhibits the pro-inflammatory mediators release, limits the inflammatory cascade and stimulates the production of β-endorphins, providing soothing and well being to the skin.

Proven results :
- 87% Tingling(1)
- 73% Tightness(1)
- 71% Warm-ups(1)
95% Irritation reduced(2)
95% Comforted skin(2)
82% Desensitised skin(2)
86% Improved skin tolerance(3)

Application Advice :

Apply morning and evening to the face and neck before Sensibiotic cream.

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